Maximize your retirement returns!

  • Investment returns and monthly property income are often tax free and compound tax free
  • Flexibility to choose what your rate of return will be on Simple Sale Properties’ buy fix and sell projects!
  • Expanded investment avenues means greater diversification

Mitigate Risk

  • Investment is secured by real estate using a conservative LTV (loan to value) rate ensuring reasonable protection.
  • We place up to 35% of total funding needed into buy, fix, and retail projects with your funds demonstrating our level of commitment.
  • Self-Directed IRA account is protected by federal bankruptcy laws
  • Custodian is insured by FDIC


  • Free consultation with Simple Sale Team and custodian to review benefits and process
  • Simple Sale Properties will bring real estate deals with professional investor summaries to you
  • No impact on current lifestyle and cash flow needs

About our custodian

  • IRS Approved Custodian
  • Founded 1974 with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Over 10 Billion in Assets with over 130,000 clients
  • Our custodian also provides: educational webinars, e library, educational events, blogs, articles, tutorials and retirement calculators

We help people grow their retirement savings through the utilization of self-directed IRA accounts partnering in our real estate projects!

Simple Money Lenders

Our simple money lenders club is a select group of investors who have self-directed IRA’s with our preferred custodian. Members of this group tell us what their specific real estate investment interests are and we ensure that they receive Investment Summaries on projects we are working on that fit their investment criteria.

Invest with us in real estate flips

Simple sale funds are added, roughly 35% of the total project – We are in it to win it with you!

  • We invest significantly along with you; we are committed
  • No impact on lifestyle or cash flow need
  • Rate of return is agreed upon prior to investment
  • Significant tax benefits
  • Investment is secured with First Trust Deed position
  • Money invested is spent locally and local property values are positively affected

Although we focus on Real Estate Investments your self-directed IRA investment opportunities are expanded into many other areas like: Undeveloped Land, Real Estate notes, promissory notes, limited partnerships, LLC and C Corp., tax lien certificates, foreign currencies, private placements: Debt & Equity, structured settlements, precious metals, factoring, accounts receivable, equipment leasing, livestock, oil & gas.

Invest in rental properties with your IRA

  • Several transactional methods are available to help purchase the property with your IRA
  • Monthly income compounds tax free
  • Is a tangible investment with many market areas to select from providing a greater deal of control
  • Self directed IRA’s receive federal bankruptcy protection providing you valuable protection
  • Investment does not impact current lifestyle or cash flow needs
  • Money invested is spent locally and local property values are positively affected

**Your IRA account representative will review IRS regulations and features of self- directed IRA investing

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