Lenders Win with Simple Sale

Investing with us is a simple win/win:

  • Wholesalers win when assigning properties to us
  • Investors win when partnering with us on creative deals
  • Lenders win when working with Simple Sale Properties
  • Investors win when participating in our Simple Money Lending group

Wholesalers Needing to Assign Properties

Earn a strong assignment fee when working with Simple Sale Properties. We work with investors regardless of their experience. If it is a deal, it is a deal no matter how much experience you have. No need for double close when working with Simple Sale Properties as we don’t get hung up on your good fortune. We can buy houses that you are wholesaling from any area and in any condition.

Partner with Real Estate Investors

Partner with Real Estate InvestorsLandlords who are tired of the headaches caused by property management can call on us for help. Our purchasing tenant program might be right for you! We use a lease purchase agreement to lease your property on a long term basis giving you the benefits of depreciation and interest write off without the property management and maintenance nightmares.

Investors with properties that have been on the market for a considerable amount of time or are having buyers who are suffering from the tightening of traditional lending guidelines can call on us.

We Buy Houses Using Owner Financing

Sellers usually receive a higher price when offering flexible owner finance terms.  We will work with you!

Experience a faster close as there is no new buyer qualification, appraisal, underwriting, survey or other hurdles associated with traditional financing.Selling to us can save you thousands of dollars in broker commissions.

Experience tax savings on an installment sale. Capital gains taxes are only paid on the installments you have received each year. Installment sales can be combined with a tax deferred exchange for future savings.
Flexible Lending Options with Simple Sale


Don’t have time to look for investment opportunities?

Lend us your private money! We find opportunities and bring them to you! We perform a thorough market and repair analysis that is placed within a professional loan request presentation for your review.

Key Benefits:

  • Proper LTV (loan to value) safeguards your investment
  • Our lenders are first trust deed position
  • Flexibility for you to choose your rate of return

Don’t think you have the experience to invest or are nervous about putting money into investments?

Become part of our select group of Simple Money Lenders! Self Directed Roth IRA’s for retirement may be a great solution for you. Enjoy the flexibility to choose what your rate of return will be. All investment returns and monthly income are tax free and compound tax free.

You don’t have to find the deals; we will come to you with investment opportunities. We present the opportunity in a manner that answers your questions and provides you with valuable experience in Real Estate investing and there’s no impact on your current lifestyle or cash flow needs.

You’ll be comforted to know your investment is secured by real estate using a conservative LTV (loan to value) rate ensuring reasonable protection. We place up to 35% of total funding needed into buy fix and hold projects in combination with IRA funds solidifying our level of commitment.

Lenders normal position is First Trust Deed Position further safeguarding the investment.

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