We Buy Houses for Cash

We can purchase quickly with cash and offer you significant seller savings. Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and financing hurdles with our cash offers. Simple Sale Properties provides a simple and complete process with no open houses or intrusive showings. With access to reputable resources – we greatly minimize your time investment.

We can solve property problems quickly by offering cash. We can purchase in any area and in any condition.

Got a Money Pit?

We help homeowners by eliminating significant expenses and repair efforts that will be incurred selling the house through a realtor or selling to a buyer who uses traditional financing. We fund the transaction with cash which enables us to purchase the house quickly.

Key Benefits

  • Quick payment
  • Less hassle and personal effort
  • No out-of-pocket expenses for repairs

Inherit a House?

We help owners with quick cash and valuable resources to overcome the hurdles of unplanned ownership. We have resources at our fingertips that help with cleaning, packing, and the placing of a reputable Estate Sale Company.

Key Benefits

  • Quick cash resolves outstanding debt which can quickly eat estate proceeds
  • No worries of vacancy, repairs or property cash flow
  • Access to reputable resources eases and hastens the liquidation process

Got the Landlord Blues?

We buy or lease quickly! We help landlords end the headaches of property management or provide debt relief by purchasing your property or leasing it using our “purchasing tenant program.” In leasing the owner retains benefits while eliminating the nightmares of management and maintenance.

Key Benefits

  • Management and maintenance headaches are eliminated
  • Several transactional choices to meet your individual needs



Need Fast Cash?

We help owners get cash for their house quickly. Our process is very simple and we can get to settlement quickly. We can purchase in any area and in any condition and work directly with you to understand your needs.

Key Benefits

  • When we reach agreement you are satisfied with the price and closing timeline
  • No open house, inconvenient showings, realtor commissions, or costly improvements needed
  • Simplified process and paperwork saves you valuable time

Our Process is Simple:

  1. We receive your inquiry and provide a free telephone consultation.
  2. We review current market conditions, retail buyer expectations for the area, and verify your needs to put together an offer that works!
  3. We provide a professional and easy to understand cash offer within 24 hours of the evaluation being completed

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Whether you're looking to get quick cash or interested in investment opportunities - we look forward to hearing from you! We will respond within 24 hours.

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